Talent Management System

Customize Dashboards and BI (Business Intelligence)

Hirefresh provides effective BI solution that accumulates all front and back office data within different modules.

  • Customize dashboards and your team reporting You can customize the dashboard based on your requirements. Also access the data to build effective team report.
  • Analyze data through Charts and Graphs Analyze data through different kinds of charts like Pie, Bar, Line etc. Just convert the data in the form of charts and graphs with a single click.
  • Dashboard and Report updating in real time Hirefresh provides all real time reports. So, you experience faster synchronization with data warehouse.
  • Setting goals driven performance Proposed business goals are required to get the job done within a stipulated time format. Our Business Intelligence helps you to achieve those objects efficiently.
  • Email all reports according to a scheduleYou can share reports through HireFresh interface and you also can export it. HireFresh’s helps you to prepare email schedule to do the tasks in a thorough manner.
  • Access predesigned templates of Reports and DashboardsHireFresh offers end to end services that can help you in preparing new reports and customized dashboard. The BI templates have been designed according to the market trend that can save your time and effort.
  • Protected access to Reporting and BIWe are very particular about your data privacy. So all created information will be stored in a secured database with restricted accessibility.
Prepare a thorough report and metrics
We make your job easy. Prepare your reports and metrics according to your business needs with just a simple click.

  • Reports regarding activities Prepare all the business activity reports by using a single platform HireFresh. Nowadays, organizations need to prepare different activity reports based on recruitment, sales etc. Get a sorted result from HireFresh. That’s why numerous clients have relied upon us.
  • Reports of Metrics We provide you different statistics related to interviewing, submittals and staffing.
  • Report of Audit We know a client’s on boarding requirements. As a result, the thorough audit report will guide you in future business growth.
Recruitment flexibility
  • Effective scheduling of employees and assignments by using calendar
  • Record and save information regarding certification and licenses on the page of a candidate
  • Set reminders regarding report generation with license expiration and certification
  • Bundling resumes with a good career prospect
  • Manage all business activities in a scheduled format
Audit Trail
  • Open and view each activity
  • View status update
  • Track candidates, companies and business network
  • View own customized dashboard
  • Track the recruiting process
  • Have a look on HireFresh’s Best practice Guide regarding (Office of Federal Contract Programs) OFCCP and (Equal Employment Opportunity) EEO
  • Integrate HireFresh with your linking
  • Assign Permissions
  • Select alerts and reminders
  • Define System Attributes
Customize Fields
  • Enrich your CRM through defining fields at the Contact or Company Level
  • Specify field regarding Candidate Records
  • Define fields related to Jobs
  • Select from a large pool of field types
  • Access Data masking for security
Portal of Suppliers
  • Define suppliers
  • Job requirements distribution
  • Collect and Review Candidates
  • Easy access to Suppliers
Security and Permission
  • View and edit control access
  • Setting user permission
  • Control activities
  • Change and manipulate Divisions
  • Track Metrics by Division
  • Opt for different Verticals and Staffing process
  • Become a Managed Service Provider (MSP)