Recruiting Solutions

Finding qualified candidates
HireFresh is a unique platform to make the recruitment easier. The platform cuts down the recruitment costs and bridges the gap between employer and potential jobseekers. We provide you end to end assistance to find best available resumes and candidates based on the skills and other job role attributes.

  • Find matching resumes easily: HireFresh makes the resume search easy and effective. As a recruiter you are saving a lot of time and money to find best matching resume for the required job role.
  • Incorporating best employees: HireFresh gives you the opportunity to find appropriate resumes from different networks. It offers you a vast database where you can get the best match for your job role.
  • Some beneficial features of HireFresh:
    • Resume search according to skills and experience
    • Sorting candidates based on demography, qualification and location
    • Preparing a list of pre-screened candidates through qualifying criteria
    • Advanced text search through candidate attributes
    • Search for experienced and qualified candidates based on your requirement
Collection of resumes
Generally, Companies are engaged with different job boards to find and access the best appropriate resume for each job role. HireFresh provides the best solution to get you the most desired and matching candidates for required job roles. As well as, you are saving more time and cost for your recruitment process. HireFresh makes the staffing process easier for the HR management by providing a large pool of qualified candidate resumes.

  • Detailed and easy workflow maintenance: The recruiting workflow becomes easier and smoother with HireFresh. It automates all the crucial aspects of staffing, data maintenance and sourcing. So finding prospective candidates becomes effortless and trouble-free.
  • Automates search and sourcing candidate records based on criteria: We provide you matching resumes as your job demands. Resume parsing is the key feature to match up to the job expectation. We add the matching resumes to recruiter’s database and as a recruiter you will find all candidate records for a better recruitment.
  • Continuous harvesting candidates: We give continuous effort to give you the most appropriate resumes. Access them exclusively rather searching it in different job boards.
  • Effective access of JobBoard ID: HireFresh manages your job board account in an insightful way that boosts your private business prospects.
  • Enhance business outreach through brilliance and automation: HireFresh harvesters enhance your business efficacy through sending qualified resumes. We prepare the most effective candidate lists that will match up to you business expectation.
Effective Vendor Management System (VMS)
Nowadays, most of the organizations are going through the VMS based staffing processes. In this scenario, Hirefesh offers the most lucrative VMS support to enhance the candidate quality.

  • Cutting down cost and manual entry: HireFresh pays extra effort to cut down your extra expenses in recruiting. Also we focus on the metrics improvement, searching candidates and improved customer service.
  • Being responsive and accessible: Our VMS based process always keeps you updated and provides top-notch service continuously.
  • HireFresh VMS solution offers:
    • Automatically database synchronization with all VMS
    • Instant access to VMS jobs
    • Continuous VMS jobs update
    • Get instant notification at the time of job opening, closing and updating
    • Automatic sensitive data removal
Easy access to mobile application
  • Access the portal from iPhone or Android devices
  • Access all activities in a specific way
  • Keep updated through push notifications
  • Access a mobile CRM in anywhere
  • Log in to multiple smart devices at a time
Latest job requirements:
  • Keep all the job requisitions in a sorted manner
  • Configure your own job catalogs
  • Access Applicant Tracking System
  • Continue with a thorough workflow
  • Access all suitable job lists
  • Effective cost estimation with CalcuPro
Email communication
  • Get access to the Microsoft Outlook or any IMAP-Complaint Email Servers through HireFresh’s Pro-Mail
  • Integrate the Outlook with CRM components
  • Process email transmission for prospective candidates and other business networks
  • Track and monitor entire transactional email service
  • Get notification via email
Setting calendar
  • Set important dates and activities for future reference. Make to do lists and on time reminders.
Sync Microsoft outlook
  • Make synchronization between your MS-Outlook calendar and HireFresh calendar
  • Integrate all outlook Contacts with HireFresh database
  • Synchronize Email to access advanced features of Pro-Mail
  • Expand business opportunities through Email campaigns
  • Manage job dash board easily and check all updates regularly
  • Get top list of deserving candidates and share it easily
  • Access predesigned Email templates for different activities and store reference of candidates FAQ in templates
  • Effective Candidate Information Management
Portal for candidates
  • Get all job updates and apply as per requirement
  • Create and update your own resume through advanced tool
  • Manage your own job calendar
  • Simply upload your essential documents