CRM Recruiting Software

HireFresh improvises the flow of information with any kind of recruiting organization. Our unique program helps you to cut down extra cost and time in recruitment and other important activities. We offer you a better assistance to get your job done faster. Our advanced solution always helps you to enhance business outreach. The unique CRM platform integrates all your business activities and makes your staffing smoother. Also, finding prospective candidates becomes easier with HireFresh.

  • Build a candidate’s network The CRM of HireFresh allows to surpass “resume farming” through developing a community of qualified, time tested professionals for a better career prospect. Build a smart network of prospective candidates through HireFresh’s integrated email client, ProMail. Numerous recruiters can develop personalized, high-touch communications with thousands of qualified candidates.
  • Strengthen client’s network HireFresh provides a standard CRM framework for the future business expansion of numerous clients. It is truly beneficial for the Sales personnel and they can access real-time information regarding clients, contacts and event related data.
  • Hirefresh CRM delivers:
    • Track Relationships through Notes, Attributes, Events, to do list, submittals, interview, staffing, sales, milestones, sales pipelines and more.
    • Easily synchronize all contacts and events with calendars and smart devices
    • Contact Email tracking
    • Managing organizational hierarchies efficiently
    • Define employment application guidelines at the Company level that will be distributed among Contacts and Hiring Managers
    • Set Discount Structure at Company Level that will be distributed among Contacts and Hiring Managers, Jobs etc.
    • Categories all contacts
    • Setting permission based access to contacts
    • Search on Configurable Sales Pipeline
    • Set and manipulate user defined fields
    • Creating marketing campaigns through email
Module of Opportunity
  • Set customized dashboard
  • Get maximum opportunity in sales and development
  • Utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with a better customization
  • Cluster and track each opportunity related opportunity
  • Communicate effectively within the organization
HireFresh specially designed this calculator CalcuPro for preparing a quick estimation about profit margin, candidate pay rates and more during the negotiation process. It keeps you aware about present market trend and helps you to prepare appropriate estimation.

CalcuPro has the following benefits:
  • Maximize profit Margins of each business deal
  • Easy access and quick calculation
  • Access target margins to get the best deal
  • Negotiate according to Best Bill Rate and Pay Rate
  • Get access to the account of different Employment Relationship
  • Choose to access the factors in Corporate Discounts either Automatically or Manually
Integrate to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Services
HireFresh integrate your business process with different VOIP solutions such as ShoreTel sky’s Cloud phone system, Mital, Vitel Global, Monmouth Telecom and VOIP Office. It is an easy way to reach the contacts and candidates over the phone.
  • Just click and dial for all outbound calls as per the phone number displayed on HireFresh
  • Receive reminders regarding all Inbound Calls with contact information of the caller
  • Use automatic notes and click-to-dial to capture all details regarding the call
  • Access Real-Time Analytics to measure properly the operational success, sales and support