About Us

HireFresh is an online portal to provide the best Applicant Tracking Services with a top-notch CRM solution. It envisages all front to back talent management to get you the best access. Our excellence and continuous endeavor make us unique in providing relevant business solution related to staffing. HireFresh delivers the cloud platform to cater all your business needs through integrating with BI analytics, smart device apps, VMS providers and a vast resume database. HireFresh is meant for effective staffing and a better CRM management with an advanced feature of ATS. It helps to reach out to the most prospective candidate and makes your staffing easier. Our real time response and top business analytics give us the best position in the present market. The service is the source key to get trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.
The best ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to get your job done
HireFresh’s advanced ATS gives you the liberty to get continuous update regarding all the recruitment processes. For that reason, more recruiting organizations are collaborating with HireFresh. We make your business simpler and reduce extra time for hiring. The Talent Management System is so lucrative and efficient that you can get all required information regarding the business activities. HireFresh provides you the latest report on candidates marketing, mass marketing through direct email for sales prospects and customer relations. The inbuilt calculator CalcuPro is a feature to estimate all the business details in real time. The combination of efficient BI solution and back office module is an effective way to determine business proficiency. Our sincere effort makes us reliable and boosts the customer satisfaction level.